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    Them :)
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    W.I.N.T.E.R ^o^
    Friday, 1 February 201300:46

    assalamualaikum i bid to all :)

    hey people!! its winter!!! but there's no snow in egypt..too bad..it just happen that the rain drops tak smpat nk beku :( i bet most of you think that winter is fun..

    BUT!!! winter ain't fun #SeriousTalk
    *bajet mcm twitter pulok nk hashtag bbagai XP*

    10 reasons Winter ain't fun :-

    1)  too cold..wearing 3 lapis baju pon belum tntu ckup..
    2)  shivering like all the time..even in the noon..can't imagine during the night :3
    3)  electric bil rise due to the use of heater like all the day..
    4)  getting weigher n fatter..daa~~ all the adipose tissue didn't burn although we walk about 20 minutes       per day to gamaah (university)
    5)  after getting shower with hot n warm water (not BOILING water) you would prefer to stay in the 
          toilet rather than in your room..
    6)  its raining continuously in a country without drains..yes..egypt has no drain..lecak sana sini..pheww..
          felt like wanna buy phua chu kang's boot once..
    7)  exam during winter sgt mencabar keimanan #SeriousTalk
    8)  how do you want to study with your hand shivering like all the time?? can't even write notes :(
    9)  ..........................idea just don't want to come out...........................
    10)..........................same reason as num 9 XP............

    tpi yg bestnye during winter brnafas kluar asap..hat tuu best..hahha..n wearing winter clothes..woohoo!! :PP

    this winter i went to nowhere..i know..i know..sad life isn't it??
    my daily routine during a month winter break:-

    Subuh --> mandi --> tusyen anatomy with abg amin --> balik --> bukak lappy --> zohor --> masak --> makan --> tgk movie --> klau lapar makan, klau ngntok tido --> asar --> tgk movie --> maghrib --> mndi --> study anatomy sikit --> isyak --> makan --> tgk movie --> klau dh ngntok tido 

    thats what i do during this winter break..except ad la satu hari tu pg cairo..n guess what??!! sesat kot kt tgh2 cairo tu..biggest nightmare during stay dkt egypt nie :3 nak story2 kt sini pnjng sgt cite dye..malaih cheq nk menaip..hehehh..another time perhaps?? :3

    BUT!!! somehow i feel very grateful for attending this anatomy tuision..upper limb n lower limb are very though subject you know..we have to know features, muscles attach, nerve, arteries n veins supply, special compartment of each bone of appendicular skeleton..too many information that we need to understand n memorise as well..special thanx to abg amin for teaching us..just like he said always think positive "ANATONY IS SIMPLE AND INTERESTING" :)

    just finished my final for sem 1..hell yeah..another 11 sem to go!! go arneeda go!! huhuhh
    currently waiting for the result..its scary you know facing the result..hoping that me n my friends will get a flying colour's result..Ameen :)

    *thought wanna upload some photos here but the internet freaking damn slow..even snail faster..hahha..okayy thats a "hiperbola" :)

    ...........The End...........