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    Them :)
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    Its Final!!
    Friday, 24 May 201305:24

    hye there!! how long is it tk update blog nie?? hmmm..my last post was bout winter..so almost alaa..3 bulan je pon :P

    so..skrng ni tgh exam break 4 days for my LAST PAPER this 26th May 2013!! then end of sem 2..i mean dh habis la 1 tahun..which means dh nk msuk 9 bulan brtapa kt egypt ^.^ 

    "senang tak exam?" Heaven NO!! mana ad exam yg senang dunia nie..actually tkde bnda senang pon dlm dunia ni..klau nak sesuatu bnda..usaha..doa..tawakal msti kena ada..okayy?? owh..here my exam schedule..

    Medical Terminology is my last paper!! ^.^ wish me luck people :) 
    insyaallah on this 2nd June..i'll be on flight heading back to Malaysia..heee..can't wait for it..i miss Malaysia so much..miss my family..friends..cats!! 

    i think thats all for today..thanks for reading :)